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Shetler Jenkem Interview

If you haven't already read or seen this interview on World team rider, Anthony Shetler, then check it out. "I have a newfound respect for Anthony Shetler after doing this interview and hopefully after reading it, you will too. Growing up between projects and shelters, Anthony was raised in constant turmoil between his father and his drug addicted mother. Around rampant drug usage, violence and physical abuse, his situation was never easy, until he found an escape: skateboarding. He eventually was taken in by a blue collar family he met through skating, and with their support, he was able to finish off high school and pursue skateboarding as a way out of the hell he was born in. There are...

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New England Fun

We were able to hang with World and All I Need skateboards Pro, Anthony Shetler, for a a few days before and after the New England Am. It was great to catch up with him and enjoy his positive attitude towards life. He's got a lot going on and is always looking for ways to help grow skateboarding and the awareness for it. The contest he threw is just one way. He brought 25 shops together from up and down the east coast so they could all get together and enjoy the community that is skateboarding. The furthest shop was Graffiti Skate Zone from Palm Bay, FL. They so happened to win the contest too. We wanted thank Shetler for...

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