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Anthony Shetler, girl skateboards, ORLANDO FLORIDA, PODCAST, skate, skateboard, SURF EXPO, the shetler show, WORLD INDUSTRIES -

In this episode I break down our recent skate trip to Surf Expo Thank you skateboarding!!! - Ant  Subscribe on ITUNES  

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all i need podcast, anthony shetler, billabong, boston ma, church, girl skateboards, god, jereme rogers, jrog, podcast, rap, rapper, religion, selfish skate, skate, skate or die, skateboard, Skateboarding, skaters, taunton ma, thank you skateboarding, the shetler show, world industries -

EPISODE DESCRIPTION Jereme Rogers (born January 13, 1985) is an American professional skateboarder, well known in the skateboarding sub-culture for his early retirement and rap music production.   Check out Jereme's channel HERE Support the podcast HERE Subscribe to the podcast on ITUNES

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anthony shetler, kiri schroeter, oromandibular limb hypoplasia, podcast, skate, skatepodcast, the shetler show -

EPISODE DESCRIPTION Today we sit down with All I Need (Australia) Skate team member Kiri Schroeter! Kiri was born with Oromandibular Limb Hypoplasia. He has no hands and his Jaw is fused in one position. Kiri has put a lot of his life force into skateboarding and you can tell by his EPIC style on a skateboard. Thanks for coming on the show Kiri! What is oromandibular limb hypoplasia syndrome? Oromandibular limb hypoplasia syndrome is a disorder that represents a group of rare and overlapping conditions. It is characterized by congenital malformations of the tongue, mandible and maxilla. Children with oromandibular...

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all i need podcast, anthony shetler, footwear, osiris, podcast, shoes, skate, skateboard, Skateboarding, the shetler show, tyrone olson -

EPISODE DESCRIPTION Today we sit down with legendary pro skateboarder Tyrone Olson. I grew up watching Tyron shredding in the most popular skate magazines and videos! We sat down to talk about how he has managed to create a beautiful skate life!! We spoke about skating, snowboarding, screen printing, Osiris, broken ankle and much much more!! - Download on the iTunes store HERE

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